Examples of questions people have asked and found answers to:

During a QHHT session, you are able to access and ask questions of your Higher Self, or what Dolores Cannon referred to as the Subconscious.

- Why do I feel anxious, depressed, or fearful? Can this be released?

- I have come to a crossroads in my life, which way should I go?

- How can I resolve a particular challenge in my life?

- Am I on the right path in my career?

- Why do I have this health problem? Is there a way to make it better?

- How can I improve the relationship with my partner/family member/friend?

- What do my dreams mean?

- Why do I feel like I don’t belong?

- Is my current partner my soul mate?

- How can I get back my creative spark?

- How can I feel more peaceful?

- Something unexplainable happened in my life and I would like to know why. What really happened?

- How can I improve myself?

- Am I on the right path?

- What is my purpose in this life?

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