What to Expect

In a comfortable and safe healing space, I will guide you to your Higher Self to help YOU make the changes you want to see in your life. A session consists of:

· Pre-hypnosis Session

· Deep Hypnosis Induction

· Vision Quest

· Past Life Regression

· Spirit Realm (Life-Between-Lives) exploration

· Channeling of one’s Higher Self and Guides

· A body scan by Higher Self for further healing

· Post-hypnosis Review

· Audio Recording and Post Session Integration

Duration: 4-5 hours

With both QHHT and Soul Regression Healing , all the answers come from within yourself. During a session, in a state of relaxation bordering between waking and sleep, you will be led through a deep journey to your Higher Consciousness. Through this experience, you can visualize and analyze your previous lives as well as gain a better understanding of your current life. This can help you reach a much deeper level of self-discovery and understanding.

I am here to hold safe Sacred space for your new levels of discovery and holistic healing through the interplay of mind+body+spirit.  I am here to show you that you are a natural Oracle who can elicit timeless wisdom & lasting wellbeing which come naturally when one goes deeply within and connects.

It is my honor to help empower you into acknowledging and living your profound potential in this heroic human journey.

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