The Four Elements

There are three basic ways we can actively connect with the elements of wind, water, air and fire; through mindfulness, through play, and through creativity

-Connecting to the Elements through Mindfulness;

Mindful connection involves getting still, being acutely aware of what's happening at the moment, and maintaining a peaceful presence.

Mindful activities to connect with air



Listening to the breeze

Sing out loud

Mindful activities to connect with water

Meditate on the water while having a shower or bath

Floating in a bathtub or pool

Fall asleep listening to rain and thunderstorms real or recorded 

Be present while drinking water

Mindful activities to connect with Earth


Take a walk out in nature

Connect with crystals and earth gems

Harvest your garden

Mindful activities to connect with Fire

Sit and watch flames flicker from a candle

Lie and sunbathe


-Connecting to the Elements through Play

Allowing yourself to get playful is the only requirement. As adults, we forget the power of play, but it is so liberating when we can engage unapologetically in playful ways.

Playful activities to connect with air

Go sailing, windsurfing, hang gliding, or parasailing

Make music eg; Blow on empty bottles or blades of grass in between your thumbs

Sit in a circle and pass a feather using only your breath

Playful activities to connect to water

Go swimming or jump through the sprinkler

Have a water balloon game

Go boating

Go to the beach or the lake

Playful activities to connect to Earth

Mudbath anyone? Go on get dirty

Go to a local upick

Go make friends with a tree, hug it, climb it, sit with it

Plant a garden

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Playful activities to connect to Fire

Roast marshmallows

Have a backyard campfire night

Find fireflies

-Connecting to the Elements through Creativity

Creativity is using your imagination, exploration, and following your sense of wonder. Creativity crosses over into both mindfulness and play and is closely aligned in some ways. Creativity can be active and loud like play, or it can be quiet and thought-provoking like mindfulness.

Creative projects to connect with air

Change the way you talk by changing your tone, whisper, or sing instead of using your everyday voice.

Make Wind catchers, kites, wind chimes, streamers, or flags Use items such as feathers, streamers or ribbons, balloons, and bubbles in your crafting

Creative activities to connect with water

Make a rain stick

Make a water feature in your yard or for a tabletop

Creative activities to connect with Earth

Create a flower arrangement 

Plant some seeds

Press flowers

Make your own herbal tea

Creative activities to connect with Fire

Make sun catchers

Create art with photosensitive paper

Watch the sunset

Make homemade torches from mullein or cattails

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