Meet Amel Vis

At The Four Elements Healing, I facilitate transformational healing journeys through time and space, where we connect to Higher Consciousness.

I am a spiritual student and teacher with an enduring curiosity of greater realities, which have led me through an exploration of the mystical and metaphysical. Like you, the seeds for this spiritual journey were planted earlier in this life, and in past lives.

I blend over 20 years of experience with my devotion and commitment to assisting humanity through healing, growth and expansion of consciousness. I consider this to be an integral part of my soul’s purpose and spiritual journey.

I’m always both honored and enlightened by every one who entrusts me with their inner work on this cosmic and Sacred journey.

In our exchange, my role is one of being a conduit who is present to hold Sacred space for your subconscious or Higher Self. All the answers are within YOU; I am only here to help you awaken your Divine light and remember who you truly are.

I honor the connection that has brought you here, as we all awaken, heal and find freedom.


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